Saturday, 24 March 2012

Improv - sinful sunday

Whilst a certain male interest of mine, is away, all I can do is ensure his interest is kept with some 'entertaining' photos!  So Friday, I was out all afternoon, enjoying the sun in a local beer garden with some friends.  Afterwards, my friends and I piled back to mine.  Whilst they were enjoying a sundowner or 2 in the garden, I quickly snuck in to take a few 'sexy' photos, to send to my master.

It's all about the improvisation, is it not?

I love the naughty feeling of knowing that they were all out there, just on the otherside of the kitchen door, none-the-wiser.

Sinful Sunday is all about the image, see who else is joining it.
Sinful Sunday


  1. I'm sure your master will be pleased with your naughtiness... Sexy pics indeed..

  2. oh the rush of excitement you must have felt when you made these photos!

  3. I love finding odd moments to sneak away for pics ;)
    Well done!

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Sexy legs, ma'am! That is a great shot.

  5. Beautiful leg shot and there is nothing quite like grabbing a opportune moment when there are other people just in the other room to make from hot moments.


  6. I love your first picture. It's like a memory from the past, that's been kept in pristine condition by a lover.

  7. Love the dress and the shoes! Sexy legs! :)

  8. I love that too taking pics when someone else is at home not knowing what I'm up to behind my door.

  9. Sexy! I am sure your Master was very pleased! We love the excitement of possibly getting caught. You legs in the last shot are amazing!


  10. What fantastic legs you have!!!

    ~Mia~ xx